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Friday, 14 July 2017



Ooo... always fun to travel vicariously with others on their vacations. Love all the photos! When you mentioned Harlem, my first thought was of Chef Marcus Samuelsson and his restaurant there called Red Rooster. :) I would love to sample his cuisine. Google him, he has a very interesting background! I'm guessing you didn't dine there or you would have told us. ;)

I rarely travel and haven't been out of the country in probably 10 years. These days, I just make sure I have my phone charger! I figure anything else I can easily buy if forgotten.

Anne Donald

I hope you are having the most fabulous time!! My travel kit is much the same as yours, but also includes Immodium and Gaviscon! This year on holiday, we only needed one charger - the Kindle charger also charged our phones!

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Kelly, can you believe we ate at Sylvias which was across the road from the Red Rooster? Im sorry to have missed it, will definitely put it on the todo list for next time! Jenny xxxxx

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Anne, how wonderful to only need 1 charger! I seem to have 3 or 4! Jenny xxxxx

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