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Friday, 23 June 2017



You are so right! I have always thought of London as a cluster of villages and mine is not dissimilar to yours! Love living in London ❤️

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Maija!! Yes, and I think only maybe we Londoners know that!! Hugs, Jenny xxx

Anne Donald

Your village like wonderful! Yes, we must live our lives to the full, and celebrate the positive, not dwell on the negative.
Have a great weekend xx


I enjoyed getting this glimpse into your village! As much as I love my rural life, there are times I think I would enjoy having so many of the things you've shared here just steps away.

I come to places like your blog as a way to escape the realities of the world. That's not to say I'm not aware of the bad/sad things or diminish them by posting/reading about trivial/happy stuff... it's just a way of coping and moving on. Not letting the evil win.

Thank you for sharing your happiness with us today. :)

Elizabeth Nkomba

Jenny's dad and I visit her village in London twice a year and have been doing so for many years. The people we have met are lovely, such as the security guard at the Sainsbury's local, her neighbour Deirdre and the family from Bangladesh next door.
We are coming to visit again in a month's time and cannot wait!


Oh Jenny, what a charming village you live in! I live in the suburbs of a big city and we have our little village too - it's what you make of your neighbourhood, isn't it? I so hope to visit you one day and see your village in person! Hugs from Over Here xx

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Meredithe, yes, it so is!! I do so hope we get to meet you one of these days, Jenny xxxxx

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Mum! Thanks for commenting. Yes, I think Im going to need a part 2 and 3 to mention all the lovely people!! xxxxx

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Kelly! It is a balance isnt it between acknowledging the bad stuff yet carrying on going. I long for the country deep down!! Jenny xxxxx

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Anne, we must indeed, though it seems hard at times.....hugs, Jenny xxxxx

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