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Friday, 30 June 2017


Anne Donald

I love your shawl!!
Do you need someone to carry your suitcases ....... I'm available!!
You can see my (rather large)laundry bag here http://frayedattheedge.typepad.co.uk/frayed_at_the_edge/2014/01/more-leftovers-.html.
Have a fabulous holiday - looking forward to seeing the photos!!
Anne xx


If you had never mentioned the broom, I would never have noticed it. ;) I was too busy admiring the shawl. I love it and the open stitch you used! (listen to me talking like I know anything about crochet! - I just know the afghan my daughter made me is much "tighter")

I look forward to photos, as well. When you say "America", that is a veeeery broad destination. I'll be interested to see where you went! Have a safe and fun journey!

p.s. I always take a garbage sack for my dirties! Horrible, I know! :)

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Anne, thank you, Im terribly pleased with it. Yes wed love someone to carry our suitcases!! I love your laundry bag, its way bigger than mine!! Jenny xxxxx

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Kelly! It was a lot tighter until I blocked it....... look at me pretending to be all professional!! We are starting off in New York and getting the train over to California. Ill try to blog from there if I can fit it in! Hugs Jenny xxxxx


Love your crocheted shawl, Jenny! Congratulations on the finish!! Have a fab time in America with your boys.

Two Crafty Brownies

Hi Meredithe! Thank you, we cant wait! xxx

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